Work on the sea bed



Our baby oysters called “spats” a mere 4 mm in size, are placed into mesh bags that are designed to grow with the oysters. These bags are attached to “tables” that are fixed to the seabed, on the oyster beds of Asnelles in the Calvados, Normandy region, a region well-known for its famous D-Day Landing beaches.

Breeding lasts for 4 years during which time the oyster are handled at least thirty times!



1 In the Spring : The baby oysters or “spats” are transfer to the open seabed.

2 In the Summer : The oysters benefit from a regular rollover of the oyster      bags to obtain the renown regular form of Gold Beach Oysters.

3 In the Winter : The oysters are loaded for calibration and once calibrated      they are returned to the seabed.

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