The product


Straight from the sea,

Nurtured by the currents, the wind and the sun. It reveals its character and delicate taste to offer you a marvel of nature.


The oysters remain in their natural habitat throughout the year, continually stimulated by the movements of the pure sea water, Gold Beach evolves with the seasons, the currents, and the movements of the phytoplankton...always offering you the best nature can give, a product that is 100% natural.

Deliciously full-bodied during the summer months when the nutriments are rich and abundant, it will certainly charm you too, with its lighter texture and delicate taste as the months pass and the daylight hours shorten.

Discover the true natural taste of the oyster Gold Beach, a far cry from standardized will enchant you as it evolves with the rhythm of the seasons, reinventing its delicate taste and natural flavour.


The Gold Beach
So French